MVL Signed a Partnership with NGO, Good Neighbors Cambodia


On July 20th, MVL signed a long-term partnership with Good Neighbors Cambodia to improve the educational environment and its infrastructures in Cambodia.

Good Neighbors is a global NGO that focuses on protecting and improving children’s rights by conducting social welfare and international development projects. In particular, Good Neighbors is currently running children’s health and local communities’ development projects in 6 different provinces in Cambodia and is putting effort into improving the local communities by focusing on the enhancement of educational environment.

Through the partnership, MVL and Good Neighbors will both bring growth to the local communities in Cambodia by improving the educational environment and infrastructures through building schools in underdeveloped areas and providing toilets and clean water systems; digital education programs, such as blockchain, will also be developed. In addition, this will allow to create the groundwork for expanding MVL’s brand value and its ecosystem even further in Cambodia.


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