MVL Awarded at G20 DIN


On September 4, MVL was selected as one of the best innovative startups in green and renewable energy at the 'G20 Digital Innovation Network (DIN)' held in Bali, Indonesia, and won the award for favorite startup chosen by the participants.

The forum was held under the theme of “The Rise of Digital Economy: Post Pandemic Recovery and Beyond”. At this forum, over 100 global digital economy innovation startups, venture capitals, and companies from 20 major countries, including Indonesian President Joko Widodo, attended, and participated in discussions on five themes: healthcare, education technology, financial inclusivity, green and renewable energy, and supply chain.

At this forum, MVL had a presentation on the green and renewable energy sector with the theme of “Building a Blockchain-based Mobility Ecosystem” and had an opportunity to inform its promoting businesses and visions.

Details are provided in the link below.